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MAXIMUM Penis Size and b Ready For Sex Anytime!

How to last longer in bed and enhance Sexual Performance without Viagra or Cialis?

Perfomaxx capsule is a premium herbal formulation, sold as a Dietary Supplement for male sexual health enhancement. It was formulated and designed to enhance sexual performance without the unwanted side effects of prescrition drugs. Perfomaxx capsule is a proven sex and male enhancement capsule or pill PROVEN to instantly improve libido, sexual energy and maximize penis length and size. Perfomaxx capsule increases natural arousal, response to stimulation AND give fantastic staying power and stamina for extended sexual performance. Perfomaxx also significantly increases sex drive and libido!

Perfomaxx contains premium aphrodisiac herbs that has been selected from the finest global suppliers. Perfomaxx Capsule contains the extracts of Ginkgo Biloba, Cordyceps, Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali), Epimedium Gradiflorum (Horny Goat Weed) which has been extracted by modern herb extraction processes to pinpoint and further enhance and boost the efficacy and potency of Eastern male aphrodisiacs.

 Perfomaxx capsule works in a few minutes!
 Perfomaxx capsule can be used safely even when taken with alcohol!
 Perfomaxx capsule renews sex drive, making you feel great!
 Perfomaxx capsule acts naturally!
 Perfomaxx capsule has long-term health benefits!


Perfomaxx Capsule works almost instantly – not next month, not next week and not even tomorrow. In about 39 minutes, you will experience exactly what Perfomaxx Capsule can do for you. that means – in minutes after consuming Perfomaxx Capsule, you can start enjoying truly mind blowing sex – probably the best sex ever!

Perfomaxx Capsule is the BETTER alternative to Prescription Drugs like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

Perfomaxx Capsule users have reported great success as Perfomaxx works by seriously increasing energy and virility for sex and at the same time safely increase blood flow to the penis maximizing length and girth. Many users noted tremendous difference; an increase in strength, hardness & duration of erections. these users also claim that Perfomaxx Capsule works naturally without unwanted side effects and is therefore better than prescription sex pills like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. In addition, Perfomaxx can be safely taken with alcohol!

Perfomaxx is simply better for you in more ways than one.

Product Info Perfomaxx Viagra Cialis Levitra
All Natural Ingredients? Yes No No No
Prescription Required? No Yes Yes Yes
Effect lasts up to maximum: 4 DAYS
(that’s 96 HOURS!)
5 hours 12 – 20 hours 6 hours
Take how long before action? 30 minutes 60 minutes 30 minutes – 12 hours 25 – 45 minutes
How it should be taken? Can be taken
with food
and also
with alcohol
On an
empty stomach
Can be
taken with
Avoid eating
grape fruit
or drinking
grapefruit juice
Can be taken with alcohol? Yes No No No

But what about side effects, you ask?

One quick glance at the following and it’s obvious.
Perfomaxx is better for you r long term physical health.

Common Side Effects Perfomaxx Viagra Cialis Levitra
Abdominal Pain No No No Yes
Abnormal Vision No Yes Yes Yes
Arthralgia No No No Yes
Back Pain No No Yes Yes
Chest Pain No Yes Yes Yes
Diarrhea No Yes Yes Yes
Dizziness No No Yes Yes
Dyspepsia No Yes Yes Yes
Eye Pain/ Hemorrhage No No No Yes
Facial Oedema No No Yes Yes
Flushing No Yes Yes Yes
Headache No Yes Yes No
Hypertension No Yes Yes Yes
Indigestion No Yes Yes Yes
Itch No No No Yes
Muscle Aches No No No Yes
Myalgia No No Yes Yes
Nasal Congestion No No Yes Yes
Nausea No Yes Yes Yes
Palpitation No Yes No Yes
Photophobia No Yes No Yes
Priapism No Yes No No
Temporary Rash No Yes Yes Yes
Continuous Sneezing No No No Yes
Tachycardia No No Yes Yes
Possible Severe Side
Perfomaxx Viagra Cialis Levitra

Intraocular Pressure

No Yes Yes No

Myocardial Infarction

No Yes Yes Yes

Severe Hypotension

No Yes Yes Yes


No Yes No No

Sudden Death

No Yes Yes Yes

Ventricular Arrhythmias

No Yes Yes Yes
Contraindications Perfomaxx Viagra Cialis Levitra

Cardiovascular risk factors

OK Not OK Not OK Not OK

Severe hepatic impairment

OK Not OK Not OK Not OK

Renal Function Imparement

OK Not OK Not OK Not OK


OK Not OK Not OK Not OK

Recent stroke or heart attack

OK Not OK Not OK Not OK

Retinal disorders



How does Perfomaxx work?

Perfomaxx Capsule for Men works by harnessing the NATURAL potency of the herbal aphrodisiac powers of the Cordyceps, Tongkat Ali and Horny Goat Weed . Perfomaxx Capsule for Men offers a holistic approach to beating low sex drive and libido. Traditionally, Corsyceps is used widely in Chinese Traditional Medicine and chinese remedies for long term male sexual rejuvenation. there is no clinical evidence that Cordyceps can help increase erection strength and penis size but the REAL evidence is in satisfied repeat customers!

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“I have always been ready for SEX, but my erection strength has always been an issue. Perfomaxx changed it all for me.. I am now ROCK HARD! I take it every other day, and it’s effects last for 2 to 3 days. – Eric Bana, USA Perfomaxx is only USD 39.90 for a pack of 10 capsules! Its now – WOW all the way! All the time! Thank you, Perfomaxx! I have just reordered. – Lambert S, USA“Perfomaxx arrived on Thursday just before a long and extended road trip to Vegas. I am 44 years old, with a waist of 40” – Amazingly, I was able to DO IT – 4 times. I truly enjoyed my orgasms, heck it has been years since I was able to get going. There were no side effects as promised! – Lee K, USA

Final words about Perfomaxx

Perfomaxx DOES NOT claim to cure and or treat sexual problems but based on user testimonials, Perfomaxx has helped many suffering individuals overcome their libido and sexual problems without the need to resort to prescription erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, Levtira or Cialis or worse the consumption of illegal generic erectile dysfunction drugs.

100% Efective Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every order of Perfomaxx is carefully packed in a generic padded envelope and is shipped Free with orders of 2 packs or more. All orders are discreetly processed.


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What Perfomaxx Gives You!

RISK FREE Purchase as we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
In additional, Perfomaxx capsule gives you a visibly longer and bigger penis. Promotes genital blood flow and gives you that “ALL READY” to go feeling as well as the ROCK HARD feeling!
No need to worry about premature ejaculation allowing you to enjoy simultaneous orgasm with your partner!
Longer lasting rock hard erections means DEEPER sexual thrills at penetration tantric levels.
Reduces Recovery Time between ejaculations – ALWAYS ON and READY to reload and react quickly, again and again, all night long!


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